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Vikings Episode Guide

Vikings · Infos · Episodenguide · ÜbersichtÜbersicht · Staffel 1Staffel 1 · Staffel 2​Staffel 2 · Staffel 3Staffel 3 · Staffel 4Staffel 4 · Staffel 5Staffel 5 · Staffel 6Staffel 6. Infos · Episodenguide · ÜbersichtÜbersicht · Staffel 1Staffel 1 Erinnerungs-​Service per E-Mail. Wir informieren Sie kostenlos, wenn Vikings im Fernsehen läuft. Vikings Season 6 Episode List, Summaries and Show Guide. Here's what we know. Staffel von Vikings für Dich zusammen. A lire sur AlloCiné. <

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Vikings · Infos · Episodenguide · ÜbersichtÜbersicht · Staffel 1Staffel 1 · Staffel 2​Staffel 2 · Staffel 3Staffel 3 · Staffel 4Staffel 4 · Staffel 5Staffel 5 · Staffel 6Staffel 6. Der Vikings Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller 89 Episoden von Vikings in der Übersicht. Vikings - Episodenguide. Gehe zu: Staffel 6S05S04S03S Der Episodenguide zu Vikings umfasst 6 Staffeln mit 89 Episoden. Die Episodenliste der einzelnen Staffeln seht ihr nachfolgend. Tipp! Eine.

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List of Vikings episodes The sixth and final season of the historical drama television series Vikings premiered on December 4, , on History in Canada. [1] The series broadly follows the exploits of the legendary Viking chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok and his crew, and later those of his sons. Episode # Original Air Date Titles: Season 1: 1. 03 Mar Rites of Passage: 2. 10 Mar Wrath of the Northmen: 3. 17 Mar Dispossessed: 4. 24 Mar Trial: 5. 31 Mar Raid: 6. 07 Apr Burial of the Dead: 7. 14 Apr A King's Ransom: 8. 21 Apr Sacrifice: 9. 28 Apr All Change: Season 2: 27 Feb Brother's War: 06 Mar Invasion. Vikings is an Irish-Canadian co-production presented by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The fourth season was developed and produced by Octagon Films for the first sixteen episodes, TM Productions for the last four episodes, and Take 5 Productions. Episode List. Season: So as the Vikings army makes camp & lies in wait, Alfred and his army abandon the royal villa and march to meet them. S6, Ep An unexpected turn among the settlers leaves Floki powerless. King Alfred confronts Judith. Bjorn must strike a deal with Harald. Wessex is once again threatened by a Viking force, but who will lead the Saxon army to defend the Realm?. Vikings Episode Guide. 12/30/ Vikings Season 6 Episode 20 " The Last Act" On Vikings Season 6 Episode 20, a daring plan to take down Ivar . The epic saga which began with Ragnar Lothbrok, the first Vikings leader to emerge from the mists of legend, comes to an end in a spectacular and shocking series finale which finds striking the new land and in England. rows · 1/19/ · A guide listing the titles AND air dates for episodes of the TV series . King Olaf presents Thorkell, Hakon, Bjorn, and Harald as the four election candidates; he then publicly votes for Bjorn. Ingrid orders the assassination of a danish king that has converted to christianity. Sign In. In England Alfred's forces march Transformers 5 Download German the woods and are decimated by traps Prosiebn by the Vikings. The Saga of Floki.
Vikings Episode Guide Valhalla Can Wait. März bis Horik schmiedet offenbar bereits eine Intrige - und ausgerechnet Ragnars Vertrauter Loki scheint ihm dabei zur Hand zu gehen

Who is at peace with their fate? On Vikings Season 6 Episode 17, battle lines are drawn as the characters try to find the promised land.

What does it mean for everyone still living? On Vikings Season 6 Episode 16, a dangerous battle at sea threatens Ubbe, while Ivar comes to a stunning conclusion about his future.

How does Hvitserk react? On Vikings Season 6 Episode 15, fighting erupts in Greenland and a lot of action unfolds as a result, while Gunnhild makes a fateful decision about her future.

On Vikings Season 6 Episode 14, Oleg goes on the offensive to get Ivar and Igor back, while tensions in Iceland mount.

How does it all shake out? On Vikings Season 6 Episode 13, election day in Kattegat arrives, and a familiar face returns with a score to settle, but is it too late for all of the characters?

After torturing and dismembering Vigrid, Oleg finds out Ivar's full story and takes an interest in the exiled king.

The pair form an uneasy friendship after Oleg reveals how he murdered his unfaithful wife. Oleg discloses to Ivar that he plans to reclaim the Rus' people 's ancestral lands in Scandinavia and invites Ivar to join him.

In Kattegat, Bjorn outlaws White Hair and Ivar's remaining retainers. Lagertha announces her plan to retire and rebuild her old farm, and live out the rest of her life in obscurity.

Messengers arrive and inform Bjorn that king Olaf has occupied king Harald's kingdom and holds him captive. Having saved Bjorn's life twice, he is asking for his aid in reclaiming his freedom and lands.

Against Lagertha's advice, Bjorn decides to go to Harald's aid. Kjetill returns to Kattegat in search of new settlers to help build Iceland. Ubbe is interested in following him as Kjetill claims that one of the settlers is the fabled Othere , who has sighted a new land west of Iceland.

Kjetill says Floki has vanished, raising the suspicion of Bjorn. Bjorn browbeats Kjetill into joining his war party.

In Kievan Rus' Oleg and Ivar travel to Novgorod to meet Oleg's brother Askold and retrieve Oleg's nephew Igor, the heir to the kingdom.

Oleg has Askold poisoned, while Ivar forms a connection with Igor. Oleg's other brother Dir soon arrives to arrest Oleg, but when Oleg shows apparent prophetic power by producing Dir's secret wife Anna, Dir is forced to let them go.

After returning to Kyiv with Igor and Ivar, Oleg has Dir attacked and imprisoned. While Ivar teaches Igor Old Norse , they discover Dir mutilated and bound like a dog.

The sight amuses Igor but troubles Ivar. In Kattegat, Bjorn is seduced by Gunnhild's servant Ingrid. As he leaves to rescue Harald he places Ubbe in command while leaving his children Hali and Asa with Lagertha.

Ubbe announces plans to send Hvitserk on a trade expedition along the Silk Road. Hvitserk is tormented by visions of his murdered lover Thora and Aslaug's murder.

Lagertha's neighbors are attacked and raped by White Hair and the other bandits, so they seek Lagertha's help. In Vestfold, Harald has befriended Olaf's steward Canute and attempts to convince him to release him.

Canute says that Bjorn has arrived to liberate him. Bjorn and his warriors attempt to swim into the harbor of the Tamdrup, the capital, but Olaf has put oil in the water to set the bay ablaze.

Bjorn is forced to retreat. Bjorn's army is surrounded by Olaf's. Kjetill confesses to Bjorn that he murdered Eyvind and his family but had nothing to do with Floki's disappearance, but Bjorn is unconvinced.

In Kyiv, Ivar secretly undermines Oleg: he reminds Igor that everything in Rus' is his, and promises Dir that he will help him escape in return for his support against Oleg.

Oleg informs Ivar that he is gathering an army to invade Scandinavia, and Ivar accuses him of using him as a puppet king.

White Hair's band attacks Lagertha's village; the farmers fight off the bandits, but many are killed, including Hali. In Kattegat, Gunnhild has a vision of the attack and leaves the city to return to Lagertha.

Ubbe names Hvitserk as leader of a trading party to the Silk Road, but Hvitserk misses the boat, causing Ubbe to disown him.

Olaf summons Bjorn and Harald and informs them he wants to gather the kings and earls of Norway to vote for a single king to rule; Olaf intends this to be Bjorn.

Jarl Thorkell arrives in Vestfold and is welcomed by Olaf. Gunnhild finds Lagertha and learns of Hali's death; she decides to stay and defend the village with her shield-maidens.

Hvitserk has another vision of Thora; he swears on his arm ring that he will avenge her death by killing Ivar. Thorkell proposes that any of the leaders be allowed to contest the election; everyone agrees.

Bjorn is introduced to Jarl Hrolf and King Hakon. Ivar and Igor free Dir; they are then introduced to Oleg's intended, Princess Katia.

Ivar is shocked at her resemblance to Freydis. Hvitserk gives up his arm ring to pay for hallucinogenic mushrooms and beer; while high, he has a cryptic vision of the seer.

King Olaf presents Thorkell, Hakon, Bjorn, and Harald as the four election candidates; he then publicly votes for Bjorn.

Torvi tells Ingrid that there is no point in waiting for Bjorn's return. Harald votes for Bjorn. An envoy from the trading party to the Silk Road returns and informs Ubbe that Ivar is in Kyiv.

Ubbe asks Amma to tell Hvitserk, who has a monstrous vision of Ivar. White Hair and his bandits attack the village again. The villagers win after a hard battle, which culminates with Lagertha killing White Hair in single combat.

Seriously wounded, Lagertha rides back to Kattegat to meet Bjorn. In Kyiv, Oleg and Katia are married; later, they torment Ivar by having sex in front of him.

In Vestfold, Harald wins the election and is crowned King of All Norway; Harald and Kjetill campaigned for Harald's victory with promises to the various kings and earls, Kjetill being promised kingship of Iceland.

Kjetill realizes Harald, distrustful, will have Bjorn killed, so he tells Bjorn. Bjorn and Kjetill are cornered by Harald's men but are saved by the outlaw Erik, who takes them to his ship.

Lagertha arrives in Kattegat; while dragging herself toward the great hall, she has a vision of the Seer. Hvitserk, in a state of delirium, hallucinates Ivar as a serpent and attacks it.

As he comes to his senses, he realizes he has actually stabbed Lagertha to death. In Kattegat, Lagertha's body is found and Hvitserk is missing.

Worried about her children, Torvi travels to Lagertha's farmstead and Asa tells her of Hali's death. In Vestfold, King Hakon pledges allegiance to Harald; when Olaf refuses to do the same, Harald has him imprisoned.

Amma locates Hvitserk in the forest and brings him back to Kattegat; Ubbe asks him if he knew of Lagertha's death, but Hvitserk refuses to answer.

In Kyiv, Ivar is told by a messenger that Dir is in hiding and will help Ivar overthrow Oleg when the time comes. Torvi and Gunnhild arrange Lagertha's funeral; a girl named Gyda is sacrificed to follow her to Valhalla.

At the pyre, Ubbe, Gunnhild, and Torvi say goodbye; Bjorn returns, says goodbye to his mother, and swears to seek vengeance for her murder. Katheryn Winnick.

Bjorn puts Hvitserk on trial for the murder of Lagertha; Hvitserk confesses and Bjorn sentences him to be burned alive.

Ubbe attempts to convince Hvitserk to ask for mercy, but Hvitserk believes he was guided by the gods to avenge Aslaug. When Hvitserk is about to be burned, Ubbe saves his life; then, Bjorn banishes Hvitserk.

Later, Gunnhild discovers Bjorn having sex with Ingrid; she suggests that Bjorn take Ingrid as a second wife. Ubbe, Torvi, and Asa travel to Iceland with Kjetill.

In Kyiv, Oleg sends raiding parties to Scandinavia in preparation for a larger invasion. Igor openly challenges Oleg, who threatens to have him killed if he should try again.

Igor runs away crying and is comforted by Ivar. Olaf warns Harald that an invasion is coming. S6, Ep3. Lagertha is forced to take action; In Kiev, although Oleg continues to be friendly, Ivar is aware of the threat which Oleg poses to the vulnerable young heir to the throne; Bjorn has answered the call and come to the aid of an old enemy.

S6, Ep4. Lagertha leads her village's response to the recent attacks but despite her best efforts, when the inevitable attack comes, the consequences are tragic.

Olaf has a bold new plan for the future of Norway. In Kiev, although Ivar discusses Oleg's ambitions for Scandinavia, he's actually more interested in the plight of Igor, the young heir who Oleg controls.

After leaving Kattegat, Ivar the Boneless embarks on a journey to unknown places, where he stumbles upon a stranger and suddenly remembers previous memories, which forces him to recall the story of the unique genius that is Floki.

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Michael Hirst. Jeff Woolnough. Part 1. Part 2. David Wellington. Katheryn Winnick. January 1, Can. January 6, Can. January 13, Can.

January 20, Can. January 27, Can. Paddy Breathnach. February 3, Can.

Vikings Episode Guide S6, Ep2. On Vikings Season 6 Episode 20, a daring plan to True Lies Stream down Ivar resulted in death and destruction, but how did Ubbe react to the return of Floki? Rubbeldiekatz Ganzer Film guide may be distributed and copied freely, in its entirety, for personal use. Torvi Esme Miles unable to produce milk to feed Ragnar. Add episode. The first season of the series begins at the start of the Viking Agemarked by the Lindisfarne raid in AD. Retrieved 7 January February 10, Can. Vikings Season 6 Episode 13 " The Signal ". January 20, Can. Vikings Episodenguide. Alle Staffeln der Serie Vikings. Episodenanzahl: 89 Folgen; Start in Kanada: 3. März ; Deutschlandstart der. Vikings · Infos · Episodenguide · ÜbersichtÜbersicht · Staffel 1Staffel 1 · Staffel 2​Staffel 2 · Staffel 3Staffel 3 · Staffel 4Staffel 4 · Staffel 5Staffel 5 · Staffel 6Staffel 6. Infos · Episodenguide · ÜbersichtÜbersicht · Staffel 1Staffel 1 Erinnerungs-​Service per E-Mail. Wir informieren Sie kostenlos, wenn Vikings im Fernsehen läuft. Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der kanadisch-irischen Dramaserie Vikings, sortiert nach der kanadischen Erstausstrahlung. Die Fernsehserie.

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