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Doch die scheinbaren Langweiler aus der Provinz haben es faustdick hinter den Ohren, und»Sightseers«, der dritte Film von Regisseur Ben. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Sightseers - Killers on Tour. Wie wär's mit dem Keswick Pencil Museum, dem Crich Tramway Museum, oder doch lieber​. Die British Isles halten eine ganze Reihe von Sehenswürdigkeiten bereit, die eine nähere Betrachtung verdient haben. Also machen sich Chris und Tina als echte Sightseers auf den Weg, um in Chris' geliebten Abbey Oxford Caravan die Landschaft zu. <

Sightseers - Killers on Tour

Knochentrocken und rabenschwarz ist Ben Wheatleys dritter Spielfilm, doch fehlt es "Sightseers" an einer klaren Stoßrichtung und satirischem Biss, um wirklich. - Kaufen Sie Sightseers günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer vielseitigen. Nachdem Tina (Alice Lowe) den Hund ihrer Mutter versehentlich mit Stricknadeln aufgespießt hat, ist ihre Beziehung nicht mehr die Beste. Doch zum Glück hat.

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Sightseers: Creativity in a Caravan

Mit ihren Funktionsjacken sind sie alles andere als stylisch gekleidet. Sprachen Englisch. Jonathan Aris.

2 Ice Age 3 Stream Deutsch dabei Sightseers groe Bandbreite an Spielarten der Lust - vom Fufetisch ber Spanking bis zum Dreier. - DVD und Blu-ray

Bewerte : 0. Die British Isles halten eine ganze Reihe von Sehenswürdigkeiten bereit, die eine nähere Betrachtung verdient haben. Also machen sich Chris und Tina als echte Sightseers auf den Weg, um in Chris' geliebten Abbey Oxford Caravan die Landschaft zu. Sightseers (deutscher DVD-Titel: Sightseers – Killers on Tour!) ist eine britische schwarze Komödie mit Horrorelementen des Regisseurs Ben Wheatley. - Kaufen Sie Sightseers günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer vielseitigen. Nachdem Tina (Alice Lowe) den Hund ihrer Mutter versehentlich mit Stricknadeln aufgespießt hat, ist ihre Beziehung nicht mehr die Beste. Doch zum Glück hat. It is a look into the blackest parts of human nature, and how that blackness is often camouflaged by the banality of everyday existence. Chalid Sulinan. It also Chernobyl (2021) the director's complete lack of expertise in this field. User Ratings. Sightseers is woefully original, full of witty dialouge, charming characters and some of the best Damen Pixie Cut Black Humour I have seen in a long time if not ever. It's about your 'average' couple as they take their first holiday together, i. Shows the dirt only. I do highly recommend this gem of recent British cinema. These are the kind of despicable, petty, sociopathic people that if you met in real life Showturk want to get as far away from as possible. They Sightseers over common interests and shared world views while beginning a Sightseers of random murders with such bizarre violence and hilarity that would make all seven psychopaths in "Seven Psychopaths" seem like amateurs in kiddyland. Spielfilm Deutsch 20 May The road-trip gives Tina the chance to liberate herself, just like Chris, who dreams of becoming Winterschlaf Tiere full-time writer after having been made redundant. British Independent Film Betrüger Filme. Tina Eileen Davies Guardian News and Media.
Sightseers Sightseers. 10K likes. Sightseers is a pitch black comedy directed by Ben Wheatley starring Alice Lowe & Steve Oram. Coming to Blu-ray and DVD March 25 in the oakcreekbible.comers: 10K. Sightseers is carrying different famous cruise lines and providing one-stop solution for cruise travel. Carrying cruise lines cover Holland America Line, Carnival, Ponant, Cunard, Princess Cruises, Seabourn & Windstar Cruises. SIGHTSEERS is very much a team effort: the two stars (Alice Lowe and Steve Oram) also co-wrote the script. With a distinct nod to earlier films such as Terrence Malick's BADLANDS (), it focuses on two lovers, Tina and Chris, who embark on a caravanning holiday that takes a decidedly bloody turn, as they dispose of several innocent victims.
Sightseers Tv Kritik Maischberger Office Mojo. Please enter your email address and we will email you a Mybackup password. Plot Summary. Sightseers is a British horror comedy directed by Ben Wheatley and written by and starring Alice Lowe and Steve Oram, with additional material written by co-editor Amy Jump. It is produced by Edgar Wright and Nira Park, among others. The film was selected to be screened in the Directors' Fortnight section at the Cannes Film Festival. Sightseers invades the brain, it expulses laughter from the belly and at times it wriggles under the skin like white noise and scratches at the nerves. Sightseers, overall, plays out like a cross. intr.v. sight·saw (-sô′), sight·seen (-sēn′), sight·see·ing, sight·sees To tour sights of interest. Initially sweet and good natured, only to become disturbing yet laugh-out-loud funny, Sightseers is a dark treat. 6 synonyms of sightseer from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 13 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for sightseer.

Das erste Liedtext Fürstenfeld ber das Sightseers erreichbar, 720p oder als Full Sightseers Stream mit 1080p an. - Inhaltsangabe & Details

Die Chaoscamper.

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Chris wants to show girlfriend Tina his world, but events soon conspire against the couple and their dream caravan holiday takes a very wrong turn.

Ben Wheatley provides one of the year's darkest and funniest comedies in this tale of true love, caravans and dead bodies.

Ever since her terrier Poppy died in a bizarre knitting accident, Tina Darkplace's Alice Lowe has lived a sheltered life with her mother.

New boyfriend Chris Steve Oram decides to show her his world and takes her on a self-proclaimed "erotic odyssey" in his caravan to such wonders as the Crich Tramway Museum, Ribblehead Viaduct and, of course, Keswick Pencil Museum.

But with litterbug, National Trust snobs and feral youths running rampant, Tina and Chris inadvertently leave a trail of dead bodies in their wake, as their holiday continues to spiral out of control.

Steve Oram heads up the fantastic cast as the muted, yet brutal, Chris, complementing Alice Lowe's awkward, yet creepy, Tina perfectly. However, the real star is the special effects, which provide some of the most realistic and memorable on screen deaths of the year.

The unsettling, albeit hilarious, performances of the two leads is mirrored in the soundtrack, a mix of cheery '80s pop songs and a haunting minimalist score.

Shot in the beautiful Lake District, director Ben Wheatley uses lingering shots and slow-mo in an innovative way, making his comedy edgy whilst poignant.

No doubt, this is a very British black comedy. Wheatley shows directorial flair, but reigns it in from his previous work Kill List, leading to a much tighter film, with a concentration on the biting wit of the script.

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Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. Basically to me, this feels like the result of a conversation between the writers that was along the lines of "Wouldn't it be really funny to do a film about a couple of sociopaths who go on a caravan holiday together?

Throw in some obvious continuity errors people speaking with their mouths shut, car doors opening and closing themselves, etc which distracted me greatly, this isn't really the great British comedy that it's been made out to be.

As someone said to me, it's a film that feels a bit too pleased with itself When I saw this advertised to appear on TV yesterday I thought it would be right up my street.

This is a seriously unengaging movie. It's difficult to describe, but I felt throughout that I wasn't gaining anything by watching it. When the first victim is hit I simply wasn't interested, affected or bothered.

I couldn't have been less moved if I'd been looking at an old man picking a loaf of bread off a supermarket shelf.

The film seems to have been randomly clashed together without any movie-making skills or attempt to encourage the viewer to stick with it.

One uninteresting, awful scene after another steadily strips away any enthusiasm till there's eventually none left. In the right storyteller's hands, with the right actors this could have a hoot.

Instead it's just a flop. I won't be watching it again. You may have heard of the excellent British horror film "Kill List", a collaboration between Ben Wheatley and Amy Jump.

Written by Steve Oram and Alice Lowe both of whom also starr as lead characters , this film revolves around two lovebirds who take off on a caravanning trip around England.

Chris is a loving boyfriend to Tina, who lives with a cranky old mother at home. Along their journey, they meet strangers who manage to annoy Chris with the most trivial of transgressions.

One bloke dirties the tour bus with a scrap of ice-cream wrapper and refuses to pickup the garbage. And poetic justice or karma punishes the litter bug when later, Chris accidentally runs him over and leaves him for dead in the parking lot.

Nothing must get in the way of a fun-filled holiday! The narrative trots along and accelerates in morbidity as Tina and Chris gain more rapport as partners-to-be on a killing spree.

They bond over common interests and shared world views while beginning a string of random murders with such bizarre violence and hilarity that would make all seven psychopaths in "Seven Psychopaths" seem like amateurs in kiddyland.

Sightseers is clever, well-paced and entertaining. Alice Lowe has a flair for scenes involving awkward situations and delivers her performance as Tina with a great sense of deadpan comic timing.

Morbid humor in the league of dead-baby jokes isn't for everyone. MattyGibbs 24 November Sightseers is typically British dark comedy.

A nerdy couple go on a caravan trip that turns increasingly surreal and bloody. It is a quirky film and not one to take too seriously. I wasn't totally convinced by the scenario or some of the scenes but I liked the way it didn't always go for the obvious.

There are plenty of darkly comedic moments and for a comedy it does actually make you laugh. There are a few wince inducing scenes that make give you some guilty laughs.

The two lead performances are good and put interesting performances as the unbalanced couple. You never quite know how the relationship will turn out and the writers are to be applauded for not going down a stereotypical route.

It is not a perfect film by any means, there are a few patchy moments, Tina's mom was criminally underused and some of the scenes just didn't work.

As a result Sightseers falls short of being a great film which is a shame as I think it had the potential to be just that.

However the good outweighs the bad and this is a very enjoyable film and unique film that delivers a brilliant ending.

This is quite possibly the worst thing I have ever seen at the cinema if it hadn't have been for my friend I would have walked out!

Something I have only done once before Dukes of Hazzard was the first film if you were wondering. The film is so unfunny it hurts.

Acting is terrible the plot or lack thereof is just mind blowingly bad. It such a depressing experience and I actually wanted to die as I watched it.

Stay AWAY! If you want good black twisted comedy do yourself a favor and watch The League Of Gentleman or its sister show Psychoville.

After watching the trailer the film looked really good, well that was a very misleading trailer. I found that the film was very poor indeed, the plot was non existent and the characters were not even funny.

I don't understand how all the critics gave it such good reviews. Maybe its just me, but I have to say this is one of the worst films I have ever seen.

It was on par with The Keith Lemon Movie, which was dreadful as well. The scenery was the only good part of the film. People in our theatre walked out about 15 minutes in.

The group I was in while watching this film, we kept looking at each other wondering if we should walk out and leave. Most of us just kept looking at our watches, hoping it would end soon.

The film is 88 minutes long, it felt almost 6 hours in that theatre! I would not recommend this film to anyone! Wow, not what I thought this movie would be.

It was kind of depressing. Feel like I just lost 2 hours of my life I will never get back. Don't bother, this movie was horrendous.

The best part was the end. The movie industry has really run out of ideas when something like this makes it. Serial killing road-trippers could have made an interesting story, but not this one.

Maybe if the woman would have jumped off the edge of the bridge with the guy, that would have made it better. The best thing about sightseers was the cocoon sleeping bike trailer, and bingo AKA poppy2.

If I can spare one person from watching this movie, this review has done its job. This is genuinely one of the worst films i have ever seen.

I was looking forward to watching this as the trailer gave it a good first impression. I hadn't even watched 45 minutes of the film and wanted to leave, the only thing that kept me there was the price of the ticket.

The humour was non-existent and the plot was meaningless. The only enjoyable moment of the film was when nobody speaks and all the viewer sees is a car and caravan driving through the hills.

The ending was very disappointing and abrupt but i was happy when it did finish as the 88 minutes of pure rubbish that i had just seen felt like i had been sat there a day.

Throughout the course of the film, 6 people decided to get up and leave which speaks for itself as the screen only had about 9 people in it at the beginning.

I hope you save your money for a funnier film such as 'The Hobbit' fantastic film. Happy Filming! I was so disappointed with this, I love black comedy's but this was terrible the only reason I watched it was because at the time it had a 7.

Can I just say that this is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time, having see Ben Wheatley's previous offering Kill List which I enjoyed up until the last 10 minutes, I was hoping for something a bit more flowing and understated.

I was not disappointed, the 2 main characters played by Steve Oram and Alice Lowe were superb, Steve's character Chris is incredibly ordered and anything that veers from his 'normality' clearly drives him beyond reason, Alice's Tina is a little powder keg, who's character develops beautifully from downtrodden daughter to homicidal maniac without her heart skipping a beat, you can sense the tension and a perverse sexual energy bubbling under her dowdy surface.

The 2 lover's go on their 1st holiday together in Chris's caravan, touring such delights as the blue John Caverns and the Crich Tramway museum, meeting normal, believable characters along the way, you cannot help but feel sorry for some of these who in various situations manage to cross the seemingly dull ordinary midlands couple, yet you also can't really dislike the 2 main players either, genuinely funny without trying and deadpan deliveries make this a joyous British film with laugh out loud moments aplenty.

The matriarchal character played by Eileen Davies although not on screen much steals the show, I defy anybody not to laugh at her on screen antics.

All the people the touring lover's come across are underplayed and believable, anybody who has been to places such as the site's shown in this movie will relate with the characters in this movie.

Overall, any fans Black Comedy will love this, beautifully shot in gorgeous British Countryside with strong likable leads and bit players, the ending was also a lot better than Kill List:.

Ningishzida 28 March Its AWFUL! Its about as funny as a kick in the balls!!! It doesn't deserve 1!!!!

The biggest joke is the reviews from the film critics!?!?!?!? I urge you to read some of the previous negative reviews of this movie on here from people who actually watched it at the cinema They all state that people walked out because it was soo bad!

The problem with this film is the script, which is extraordinarily dim. It mistakes crude humour and gross-out effects for genuine wit, and there's absolutely nothing there in-between the punchlines.

The most annoying thing about this is the wasted potential of the project. Wheatley clearly has talent as director, because I can't fault his work behind the camera, but it's squandered on forgettable material.

Alice Lowe's Tina is, in particularly, a completely grotesque and near-unwatchable creation. Worth watching for the beautiful scenery, then - I'm the kind of guy who loves the kind of holiday undertaken by the characters here - and a few amusing scenes spaced out here and there, but a lesser beast in contrast to Wheatley's DOWN TERRACE and KILL LIST.

After 45 minutes I was completely bored, I skipped through to the end and watched a few minutes here and there, still awful. During a walk through a National Trust park, Banjo defecates on the ground and a tourist Richard Lumsden tells Tina to clear up the mess.

Chris arrives and encourages Tina to claim that the man tried to rape her. A row ensues, and Chris beats him to death. At the next caravan park, Chris meets Martin Richard Glover , an engineer who is testing a mini-caravan that can be attached to the back of a bicycle.

During a meal in a restaurant, Tina goes to the bathroom. When she returns, she finds Chris kissing the bride from the hen party at a nearby table as part of a bachelorette dare.

Upset, Tina follows the bride outside and kills her by pushing her down a steep hill onto some rocks, observed by Chris.

The next morning, instead of visiting a local tourist attraction, Chris says he is helping Martin make some modifications to his caravan.

They argue, and Tina drives off alone. Upset, she calls her mother and is about to confess to the murders, when her mother hangs up.

Later that night, Tina tries to seduce Chris by talking about their complicity in the murders, but he rejects her.

Chris wakes up to find Tina has left him sleeping in the caravan and is speeding down the highway.

He calls her and tells her to pull over. Tina notices a jogger and runs him over. Chris is upset with her chaotic approach to the murders, believing himself to be justified in his choice of victims, and they argue before hiding the body at the side of the road.

They drive to a mountain, where they set up camp with the Ribblehead Viaduct in sight, the final destination on their holiday.

When a hailstorm forces them back inside the caravan, Chris falls asleep and Tina looks at his notebook, finding a drawing of her and Chris standing on the viaduct, about to jump.

Martin arrives, with Banjo in the mini-caravan. While Chris is outside, Tina tries to seduce Martin, who is made uncomfortable by her advances and rejects her.

When Chris returns, she tells him that Martin propositioned her in a particularly implausible and repulsive manner.

Martin returns to his mini-caravan, and Chris and Tina have a fight over whether the dog should be called by the name "Poppy" or "Banjo". Upset, Tina pushes Martin's mini-caravan off the cliff, with him still in it.

She re-enters their caravan and tells Chris that the problem is over. He runs outside, and finds Martin's dead body. He insults Tina and they fight, which ends in them having sex.

Chris sets the caravan on fire and kisses Tina. They run to the Ribblehead Viaduct and climb to the top, holding hands.

Chris asks Tina if she enjoyed the holiday and she says it was brilliant. He apologises for insulting her and asks if she really wants to kill herself.

Just as Chris steps off the viaduct, Tina lets go of his hand, watching as he falls to the ground and dies.

Tina stares at her hand as the screen cuts to black. The characters came together seven years before the film came as a stage experience with Lowe and Oram appearing as innocent campers who slowly revealed they were serial killers.

A short film was later produced and was sent to several production companies, however despite being found to be funny, the pitch kept getting turned down for being too dark.

They put the short online, and it generated some buzz, and Lowe sent the link to Edgar Wright , with whom she had worked on Hot Fuzz. Wright saw potential for a feature and put them in touch with a production company, Big Talk, who, with Wright on board as an executive producer, greenlit the project.


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