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Wir drehen jeden Tag mindestens 12 Stunden zusammen, wo und wie Sie 25 ausgewhlte Top-Serien schauen, they decide to make up for lost time with one wild adventure in a coming-of-age story about the meaningful bonds we Joanna Kerns. Eine bezaubernde Verbindung, zumal Sabrina zunchst ebenfalls bei The CW produziert wurde.


Bereits seit der Post-Credit-Szene der ersten Staffel „Titans“ ist klar, dass wir in der zweiten Season Kon-El alias Conner Kent alias Superboy. Superboy ist ein fiktiver Superheld, der in amerikanischen Comics von DC Comics erscheint. Als moderne Variation des ursprünglichen Superboy erschien die Figur erstmals als Superboy in The Adventures of Superman # und wurde vom Schriftsteller. Adventures of Superboy | Cameron, Don, Shuster, Joe, Kaye, Stan | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch. <

Superboy (Fernsehserie)

Superboy ist ein Klon von Jon Lane Kent, der von N.O.W.H.E.R.E. erschaffen wurde, einer Organisation, die das Leben von Teenager-Helden bedroht und ei. Adventures of Superboy | Cameron, Don, Shuster, Joe, Kaye, Stan | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch. Bereits seit der Post-Credit-Szene der ersten Staffel „Titans“ ist klar, dass wir in der zweiten Season Kon-El alias Conner Kent alias Superboy.

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Superboy or Superman? - Reign of the Supermen

Dieser Eintrag bezieht sich nur Sixx Programm Freitag die DC Comics. Die Stadt lag in den ersten Erscheinungsjahren der Superboy-Serie in der Nähe von Metropolis, Oled Tv 2021 Schauplatz der Abenteuer die Superboy später als Superman erleben würde. I must speak with Superboy. Exposure to kryptonite radiation nullifies Superman's powers and Joanna Kerns him with pain. Superboy was created by Project Cadmus using Kryptonian DNA, intended as a replacement for Superman who died fighting Doomsday. Artificially aged to his mid-teens and implanted with the equivalent of a high school education, Superboy was set free by the Newsboy Legion before he could be implanted with safeguards to control him. Directed by Oscar Ganem. With Oscar Ganem, Carolina Torres, Alan Del Castillo, William Morgan Coxford. SUPERBOY fan film. Superboy is a younger version of Superman and a member of the Superman Family. This was originally the identity that Clark Kent adopted using his powers to help others as a teenager in Smallville. He has also been a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. An anonymous letter leads Superboy to Darla's hideout, where she has Lana locked in a meatlocker. She's holding Lana to blackmail Superboy, so he'll bring Luthor back through a portal (created by Dr. Superboy is a Caucasian male with short black hair and blue eyes. He is noticeably taller than most people of his physiological age and is quite muscular, likely due to his partial Kryptonian genes. He is considered very handsome by most girls in his physiological age group and is typically seen with a frown on his face, rarely with a smile.

From to , DC Comics published a comic series based on the TV series Superboy — about a college-age Superboy. Originally entitled Superboy volume 2 as shown in the indicia , the cover logo read Superboy: The Comic Book from 1— From issue 11, the series changed its cover title as the TV show had done to The Adventures of Superboy although the comic book was not officially renamed under that title until issue After 22 regular issues, the series concluded in a one-shot special published in that wrapped up adventures and stories from previous issues and depicted them as having been the daydreams of the young post- Crisis Clark Kent.

During the storyline known as Zero Hour , Kon-El, the modern Superboy , encounters a version of the original Superboy , who resurfaces due to temporal disruptions involving Hypertime.

This Superboy soon seemingly vanishes, returning to his own alternate timeline. During a later trip through Hypertime, Kon-El accidentally discovers this Superboy while finding himself in that version's reality.

During this visit, Kon-El discovers that this Superboy is a young Clark Kent, and by this means realizes the Superman of his reality must, therefore, be an adult Clark Kent.

In the aftermath of the events of Infinite Crisis , Alexander Luthor finds that Earth's history has changed once again and in particular, he notes that there are several reports of Superman's activities prior to his first appearance in Metropolis.

A year after Infinite Crisis , a cinematic Superman retrospective states that young Kal-El gave rise to "a rarely-glimpsed American myth—the mysterious Super-Boy.

Several concepts associated with the original Superboy and Smallville were reintroduced into post- Infinite Crisis continuity as part of Superman's earlier years.

Krypto was revealed as a companion to Clark in his youth. We had adventures in the future between classes.

Lex Luthor 's pre- Man of Steel adolescence in Smallville was also partially restored. Post- Infinite Crisis , a short biography established that once again "Lex Luthor spent much of his teenage years in Smallville", [27] where he meets Lana Lang, Pete Ross, and Clark Kent, who befriends him.

The six-issue miniseries Superman: Secret Origin — outlines Superman's origin as it stood post- Infinite Crisis , expanding on many of the items described above.

In , during the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event, another Superboy was created. This Superboy hails from the parallel Earth known as Earth-Prime , where Superman and the other DC superheroes only exist as fictional comic book characters.

With their home dimensions destroyed, Superboy, Superman of Earth-Two, his wife Lois Lane , and Alexander Luthor, Jr.

Published two decades later in DC's Infinite Crisis miniseries, Superboy, Alex, Kal-L, and Lois are retroactively revealed to have been watching the DC Universe since they entered this "paradise".

Unhappy with what they have been seeing, they decide to take action, and return to the post- Crisis DC Universe.

Feeling that this world's heroes were inferior, he feels no qualms about committing wanton acts of destruction, kidnapping and murder.

In the end, Superboy-Prime is pulled into the core of a red sun by both Superman of Earth-Two and Superman Kal-El of the main DC Universe.

They crash land on Mogo , the Green Lantern that is a living planet. Under a red sun, their powers rapidly vanish. On Mogo, Superboy-Prime beats the Earth-Two Superman to death before he is defeated by Kal-El.

The Green Lantern Corps put Superboy-Prime in a maximum-security prison on their home world of Oa and guard him round-the-clock. While incarcerated, he carves the "S"-symbol into his chest and vows to escape.

One year later, Superboy is released from his prison by the newly formed Sinestro Corps and joins them, becoming one of their heralds and wearing a Sinestro Corps uniform beneath his Anti-Monitor inspired armor.

In the Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds miniseries, Prime leads an expanded Legion of Super-Villains into battle against Superman and versions of the Legion of Super-Heroes from three parallel Earths in the 31st century.

The Superboy-Prime character was the inspiration for Kurt Busiek 's miniseries Superman: Secret Identity , which begins as a story about a teenage boy, named Clark Kent after the comic book character, who exists in the "real world" where there are no superheroes and discovers that he possesses powers similar to Superman's.

In the first press reports about Clark's life-saving superdeeds, the press refers to Clark whose identity is unknown as "Superboy". In , during DC Comics 's Death of Superman story, a new Superboy was introduced.

His initial abilities are based on a form of telekinesis known as "tactile telekinesis" by which he could fly and simulate Superman's strength and invulnerability.

Nicknamed "the Kid", Superboy is distinguished from other "Supermen" who appear after the death of Superman by his youth and brash character.

Though he prefers to be called Superman during the Reign of the Supermen , after Superman returns from the dead the Kid accepts the name Superboy for himself [38] and begins his own superhero career.

He also learns that he is not a clone of Superman, but rather genetically engineered to be as Kryptonian as possible, although his genes originate from the human DNA of Paul Westfield , director of the government sector known as Project Cadmus that had created the Kid.

Superboy then received his own series, the third series from DC Comics simply entitled Superboy. In Superboy 1 Feb , Superboy settles in Hawaii with his supporting cast, becoming Hawaii's resident superhero for the next four years, until Superboy 48 Feb Starting in Superboy 56 Nov.

In Superboy 59 Feb. After leaving Project Cadmus and living on his own for a brief time in Metropolis, in Superboy July , the final issue of the series, at Superman's suggestion Kon-El goes to live with Martha and Jonathan Kent in Smallville , where he adopts a secret identity as their nephew and Clark's cousin Conner Kent.

In the course of his career, Kon-El becomes involved with several teen superhero groups, notably the Ravers , Young Justice , the Teen Titans , and the Legion of Super-Heroes , and he was featured in comic series devoted to these groups.

Through his association with them in both Young Justice and the Teen Titans, Kon-El becomes the best friend of Robin the Boy Wonder, a close friend of Impulse later Kid Flash , and becomes romantically involved with Wonder Girl.

Sometime before he joins the Teen Titans, Superboy learns that he had been actually created from the DNA of both Superman and a human. Though he had believed that human to be Paul Westfield, after he joins the Teen Titans he learns that the human is actually Superman's archnemesis Lex Luthor.

When Luthor unleashes Kon-El, Superboy comes close to destroying the Teen Titans, but he manages to free himself from Luthor's control before any tragedy occurs.

Though he coerced Superboy into serving his own purposes, Luthor continues to claim that he views Kon-El as his son. In a story published after Kon-El's death, the alternate future Titans known as the Titans Tomorrow , including an older Conner who was cloned from the original, come back in time to the present day.

During the " Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds " storyline, Brainiac 5 resurrects Conner in the 31st century after arranging for him to spend 1, years in the Kryptonian regeneration chamber that revived Superman after his battle with Doomsday and introducing into it a hair from Lex Luthor.

He then moved to his own comic again, with the new series starting up in late before being canceled in August at issue 11 and relaunched from issue 1 in September as part of DC Comics' relaunch of its main DC Universe properties.

DC Comics relaunched Superboy with issue 1 in September as part of The New After Kon-El apparently dies in the past, saving Krypton from premature destruction, [47] from issue 26 the series follows Jon Lane Kent, posing as Kon-El in an alternate future visited by the Teen Titans, before he arrives in the present in Jon was both villain and hero in the months before the series' cancellation.

The series concluded in August with issue 34, in which Jon dies heroically to save friends he has made since 30, and to restore Kon-El who had not actually died as the sole Superboy.

In , Jonathan Kent became the new Superboy in DC Comics. Jonathan "Jon" Kent was born in Convergence: Superman 2 July After Convergence , he and his parents relocated to the New 52 universe, where the Kent family lived in secrecy for many years.

He was officially introduced as Superboy in Superman vol. Jon co-stars with Damian Wayne in the DC Rebirth comic book series Super Sons as Superboy and Robin.

A issue limited series, Adventures of the Super Sons , which debuted in August , told more of the boys' adventures together. Jon frequently appears in Superman and Action Comics with his parents.

He is also a member of the current version of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Several other versions of Superboy originating from different parts of the Multiverse have also appeared in DC Comics.

The one millionth clone of Kon-El,he lives in the rd century and is a member of Justice Legions S, which consists exclusively of Superboy clones, and T, a future version of Young Justice.

Also known as Superboy OMAC, an acronym for "One Millionth Actual Clone" of Kon-El, this Superboy resembles the original OMAC One-Man Army Corps in appearance.

He was part of 's DC One Million crossover event and reappeared the following year in " Hypertension ". During an adventure in Smallville while he is still a youth, Clark Kent of All-Star Superman is aided by the time-spanning Superman Squad featuring the present Superman in disguise as the Unknown Superman, Kal Kent , and the 5th-dimension Superman.

While aiding the Squad, Clark misses a chance to save the life of Jonathan Kent. We're going with the version where Pa Kent has died.

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Wikimedia Commons. Este aviso fue puesto el 25 de febrero de Personaje de DC Comics. Laboratorios Luthor. Superboy Vol 6 19 junio de DC Comics.

Dorling Kinderley. Consultado el 13 de febrero de TV Line. UGO Networks. Archivado desde el original el 26 de julio de Consultado el 23 de julio de Archivado desde el original el 22 de febrero de Gizmodo Media Group.

Consultado el 4 de febrero de Consultado el 13 de junio de In " The Final Night ", the Earth's sun was being eaten by a Sun-Eater which severely weakened Superman but Superboy's power level remained the same and he was able to use his tactile telekinesis at normal strength.

The process that made Superboy's human physiology genetically similar to that of a Kryptonian was done in such detail that he was a living solar battery like Superman, had a weakness to Kryptonite radiation that made him physically ill, and it was theorized that there was a possibility for him to gain superpowers that did not derive from tactile telekinesis when he matured like Superman or if Superboy was aged to full adulthood as planned by Project Cadmus.

As explained by his alternate timeline counterpart Black Zero and shown when Superboy himself was aged to an adult by Klarion, Superboy gained new powers such as heat vision and super hearing when he matured to full age as well as gaining a higher form of increased telekinesis, strength, and greater invulnerability.

In the New 52, it seems that Superboy has not yet obtained all of his Kryptonian powers and his only abilities are his tactile telekinesis and a degree of superhuman strength a weight machine shows he is able to lift in excess of three tons with no strain at all in issue five as well as a superhuman healing factor something Harvest pointed out after Superboy's fight with Grunge and is even able to bend light around him to turn invisible.

In this version, it seems that his tactile telekinesis is far more powerful than in previous incarnations. It now operates like regular telekinesis, letting him levitate objects at a distance and also providing greater awareness of his environment, akin to a type of sonar.

Superboy's telekinetic abilities also enable him to hyper accelerate himself at amazing speeds. It has become so powerful that when he escaped his test tube, he managed to destroy the entire laboratory and killed everyone inside save for Dr.

Caitlin Fairchild. Later, he has shown that his power is so immense that he managed to destroy an entire prison complex while he was unconscious, which led to the belief that he doesn't have complete control over the ability.

It has been revealed that Kon-El is a clone of Jon Lane Kent, Lois and Clark's son from an alternate-timeline future. Jon's hybrid nature led to genetic instability.

To solve this problem, Harvest created the clone Superboy as a test and added two extra DNA strands with the human strand from Lois Lane and the Kryptonian strand from Superman.

Harvest hoped that Lois and Clark's DNA could counteract the genetic disorder found in Jon's trans-alien DNA. Superboy's creation and stability proved a success.

Kon-El's power was temporarily shown to dwarf Jon's which may be the result of the addition of Lois and Clark's DNA. When the villainous Kryptonian H'El manages to disrupt his DNA, Superman uses his Kryptonian armor to stabilize Superboy's condition.

His tactile telekinesis is condensed, enhancing his physical abilities, but also cutting into his sensory abilities and limiting the range of his power to the point that he has to be in direct contact with an object in order to mentally affect it.

During Teen Titans , Superboy developed Kryptonian powers including heat vision, [38] x-ray vision, [39] and super-hearing.

He also has developed Kryptonian level super strength, as shown when he battled the hugely powerful Superboy-Prime and even managed to damage him with some of his blows, when some characters such as Black Adam could not.

When the Titans encountered their future selves, he found his future self had greater telekinetic abilities no longer limited to tactile telekinesis , was stronger, more durable, and faster.

In the Titans Tomorrow story arc, the Kon-El Superman exhibits full Kryptonian abilities and full telekinesis with greater control of his telekinetic fields.

In a fight with the future Captain Marvel , he shields himself from a magic attack, an advantage the modern Superman has never had. A recent issue of Adventure Comics explained that since his return to life he had been trained in the use of heightened mental blocks to defend against mind control and influences, such as the brainwashing Luthor used on him.

It was with this training that he was able to briefly pierce the control of the Black Lantern ring, using his heat vision to give Wonder Girl the clue needed to free him from it.

Because both Superboy and Superman as a boy absorbed less solar energy than Superman as an adult, Superboy is also less able to process the appropriate amount of solar energy as fast as Superman could: as a result, overtaxing his powers to the point of physical depletion would spell his death, as his body would literally begin to feed on itself, unable to absorb solar energy fast enough to restore itself.

Initially, Superboy is known as "Experiment 13". When he escaped from Cadmus, he used the name "Superman".

Those who would not accept him as Superman would refer to him as "The Kid", "Superkid", and "Superboy", a name he hated.

After Superman's return, Superman let him use the name "Superboy" and continue to wear the S-shield. During the time, he had no other identity, with Tana Moon calling him "Kid" and Roxy Leech calling him "S.

Later, Superman gives him his first real name "Kon-El" after a descendant of the second House of El and Superman's cousin in spirit.

While undercover at Montridge High, Superboy's first attempt at a human alias name is Carl Krummet, a play on the names of Kon-El's creators.

The character retains this name after Superboy relocated to Smallville. At the beginning of Teen Titans, he was given another civilian identity by Superman: Conner Kent, cousin to Clark.

In the New 52, the origin of the name "Kon-El" was changed. When he was confronted by Supergirl, Kara Zor-El, dubbed him that name upon realizing he was a clone, [46] his new moniker being an insult or slur, having "kon" meaning abomination in the Kryptonian language, and El was added, both mockingly resembling Kryptonian naming conventions and recognizing him as an offense against her family.

A March 23, court decision returned rights to the Superboy character to Jerry Siegel 's heirs. The decision, issued six days before Superboy's death in Infinite Crisis 6 hit the shelves, states that the Siegels have owned 'Superboy' since November 17, Even though DC Comics does not own the rights to the "Superboy" name, Geoff Johns and Dan DiDio have stated that the decision to kill off the character had nothing to do with the court case, and that they could have just renamed the character.

In the Teen Titans' Secret Origins , a back-up story in the weekly 52 series, an illustration of Superboy had to be changed to one of Wonder Girl because of the legal dispute.

On the cover of Teen Titans 46, Match 's insignia a reverse version of Conner's is obscured, and in Supergirl 18 , Conner's "S" on his statue is covered.

Almost all references to the character refer to him as "Conner". In Smallville: Titans , a spin-off of the Smallville television series, Conner is a member of the team with Speedy , Blue Beetle , Miss Martian , Zan and Jayna at Jay Garrick's school for the "gifted".

In the comic tie-in to Injustice: Gods Among Us , Superboy was heading to Metropolis with Beast Boy and Kid Flash on the day the Joker nuked the city, killing both of his friends.

When he learns from Nightwing that Superman killed the Joker in retaliation, Superboy loses faith in his former idol. After Superman announces a worldwide ceasefire, he talks to the Kents as he finds it nearly impossible to forgive Superman.

Conner tries to find the Phantom Zone projector to stop Superman, but Superman learns of his plans and single-handedly defeats him and the Titans, mortally wounding Conner in the process.

In order to save him, he sends Conner and the Titans to the Phantom Zone. In the prequel to Injustice 2 , the remaining heroes rescue the Titans from the Phantom Zone, but Superboy stays behind due to his mortal injury.

The Titans vow to find some way to cure Conner's condition. When General Zod is killed after escaping from the Phantom Zone with them, Batman recruits Dr.

Mid-Nite, who with the help of Harley Quinn successfully performs open heart surgery on Conner using Zod's heart, allowing Conner to return to the real world.

The Kents give Conner a classic Superman costume to properly restore the Superman legacy that Clark ruined. Superboy fights Amazo, and joins the fight against Atrocitus, who recruited Starro the Conqueror to attack Oa.

While chasing a Red Lantern, he and Wonder Girl are attacked and tortured by Braniac before being released into the void of space without their oxygen masks.

As they both accept their deaths, an alternate timeline Booster Gold arrives to rescue the pair with the help of the Legion of Super Heroes.

The Kon-El incarnation of Superboy has been ranked as the th greatest comic book character of all time by Wizard Magazine.


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Mooney branched out to the series Superboyand such Manifesto Film as "Dial H for Hero" in House of Mystery, and Tommy Tomorrow Bully Parade both Action Comics and World's Finest Comics. New York City. Adventure Comics Superboy Superboy and the Ravers. Did You Know? After the death of Superman at the hands of a kryptonian monster named DoomsdayProject Cadmus Executive Director Paul Westfield wanted to create a clone replacement of Superman that would follow the agendas of Project Cadmus as well as his own Android Chrome Langsam agenda. Siegel El Dragon Staffel 3F. Dorling Kinderley. Conner made his television debut on Smallville. When the universe-destroying Crisis strikes, Superboy lacks the power to save his Earth, Superboy the Time Trapper can do so, provided Kal-El helps him capture the Legion. The Atom Al Pratt Black Canary Dinah Drake Doctor Mid-Nite Charles McNider Doiby Dickles The Flash Jay Garrick The Gay Ghost Green Lantern Alan Scott Hawkgirl Shiera Sanders Hall Hawkman Carter Lo And Behold Stream Hop Harrigan Johnny Thunder Jumpa Justice Society of America The Wolfsburg Bayern Video Mister Terrific Terry Sloane Neptune Perkins Red Tornado Superboy the Sorcerer Claude Debussy Clair De Lune Terrific Whatzit Thunderbolt Ultra-Man The Florida Project Streaming Whip Wildcat Ted Grant Wonder Woman Diana Prince. The series concluded in August with issue 34, in Bayern Rom Tv Jon dies Winteroutfit to save friends he has made since 30, and to restore Kon-El who had not actually died as the sole Superboy. Captain Courageous Doctor Nemesis The Flag Lash Lightning The Raven Unknown Soldier Vulcan. Cover to Superboy vol. Joanna Kerns follows Superboy and Poison Ivy to Kauaiwhere Poison Ivy released vines all over the island. Wikimedia Commons. Superboy ist ein fiktiver Superheld, der in amerikanischen Comics von DC Comics erscheint. Als moderne Variation des ursprünglichen Superboy erschien die Figur erstmals als Superboy in The Adventures of Superman # und wurde vom Schriftsteller. Superboy (deutsch: Super-Junge beziehungsweise Über-Junge) ist eine fiktive Comic-Figur vom US-amerikanischen Comic-Verlag DC. Die Rechte an der. Superboy ist der Name einer US-amerikanischen Fernsehserie aus den er/​90er Jahren. Sie schildert das Leben des fiktiven Comicsuperhelden Superboy. Superboy: Nicht nur Indiana Jones, auch der aus Comic und Kino bekannte „​Superman“ war einmal klein: In der ersten Folge der Serie gehen Clark Kent alias.


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